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Why do I need a maintenance service instead of just a one-time treatment?

Pests are constantly breeding and pests also change with the season and the      
out side conditions.  Controlling pests is a never-ending job.  We employ
professionals trained in the correct application of pesticides and with the
proper safety equipment.

How frequent is the service?

Monthly, Bi-monthly, or quarterly, based on the need of the client.

How long is the service contract?

You may cancel at any time, it’s non-binding.

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 100% unconditional guarantee – we will return and re-treat the area if you find insects within 60 days.  We suggest you wait two weeks after treatment to give the chemicals time to work.

Do you tell me a service window?

Yes, a two hour window.  You don’t even need to be home for an external treatment.

Is there an extra charge for controlling more than one type of pest?

No—All insects listed on the service agreement are covered.  If our regular
maintenance clients have a rodent problem, we charge a one-time baiting fee.
We have a separate fee for bee treatment and removal.

Do you charge extra for work inside the house?

No.  This is covered on the initial treatment and then as required or requested.

How long and how often do we and our pets need to be out of the house?

Two hours for work inside th4 house (four hours if infants are present and 24 hours for birds).

How safe are your chemicals for pets and infants?

They are regulated by the State of California for consumer protection.

Why do you use backpack applicators instead of power hoses?

Safety, for one thing.  The backpack applicator can get a narrower spray that uses less chemical and is more precise.  Also, there’s no damage;  we’re not dragging a big hose with residual pesticide over your plants, pots and through your swimming pool.

Is there an odor?

Very slight, less than if you did your own spraying.

What about impact on fruit trees and vegetables?

There is no impact on edibles.  We spray only the trunks of the trees and we avoid any contact with fruit and vegetable plants.   We have a granular product we can apply to the ground for orchards.

Can you quote a price over the phone?

Yes.  Just tell us the square feet of your house and the size of your yard and we’ll give you a price over the phone.  In very rare situations after viewing the property the price may be slightly modified.

I have ants and spiders in my home.  How long after your treat before the pests are gone?

We use sprays that are very long lasting, but they can take up to three days to kill the pests.

Is there an extra charge for Termidor, the long-lasting chemical by

No, the top-of-the-line Termidor product is applied semi-annually as part of our regular maintenance service.  Termidor is available at an additional charge for one-time service.

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