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Information regarding termite inspections

I am selling my home, why do I need a termite inspection?
A: Many lenders require it so that they can be sure there are no active infestations in the home before financing the property. If you are the buyer of the home, this is to your benefit as well. You would not want to purchase a home that has an active termite problem or termite damage.

Q: What does the inspector look for during a termite inspection?
A: During a termite inspection, the inspector will be looking for active infestations of drywood and/or subterranean termites and additional findings might include fungus, dry rot, cellulose debris, water damage, earth to wood contact and plumbing leaks.

Q: Can I use a do-it-yourself method to treat termites?
A: It is best to use a trained and experienced professional that utilizes special equipment and application techniques required to do the job properly. Chemicals used to effectively treat termites are not available to the public because they require a licensed to acquire and handle.

Q:  My house is only 2 years old. Can I still have termites?
A: It is a possibility; any structure containing wood can be a potential target for termites.

Q: How long should the inspection take?
A: A typical inspection should be completed within one hour.

Q: What if the inspection shows termites being present? What does that mean?
A: A written report should be available within 1 business day and will include a written estimate and recommendations to address active termite infestations.

Q: What are the most common types of termites in Southern California?
A: Western Drywood Termites and Western Subterranean Termites.

Q: What is the cost of a treatment?
A: No accurate estimate can be given until the inspection and target pest is determined. There are many factors that could cause the price to vary but remember the cost of termite treatment is an important part of home maintenance.

Q: What if my home already has extensive damage, do I need to hire a contractor for repairs?
A: Damage not repaired is more vulnerable to the weather and further damage will occur. Structural repairs are specialized type of work and are not recommended for the typical handyman.

Q: Can my family be home when the treatment id done?
A: Local treatments for drywood termites can be done with occupants in the home as well as treatments for subterranean termites. If your home requires fumigation, only then will your family be required to leave the structure. People with respiratory problems MUST vacate for 3-4 hours.

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