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Termite Control:

No home or business is safe from termite infestations. Termite cause more damage to buildings in the United States than fires, storms and floods combined. The main problem with termites is most property owners don't see them or the damage the cause until the damage is done.

Termites are well organized and can find a way inside any structure, regardless of the construction type. That is why at Suncrest Fumigation we provide a thorough inspection and the most advanced treatments available.

Spot Treatments, also known as drill and treats, is the simplest and most direct tool used to treat termites. A termicide is injected into small holes drilled into the termite galleries delivering the treatment material directly to the colony. A local treatment may or may not be recommended for your structure depending on the inspection results and determination of the location and extent of the termite infestation.

Foam Treatment offers effective, long lasting residual protection. By mixing a long-term soluble borate solution into an exceptional foam solution, we can then reach inaccessible areas, using a high pressure injection system, creating a barrier between termites and your most valuable assets. The foam contains a surfactant that allows the chemical to slowly absorb into the wood, eliminating any active infestation as well as creating a chemical barrier against future infestation.

Foam concentrates fill in where termicides cannot reach. Adding foam to our products, Timbor, Bora-Care, and Termidor enhance the coverage capabilities over conventional treatment methods. The security is in knowing that blind spots within your wall voids and slab floors are thoroughly protected.
The way the foam enhances our treatments is by holding the chemical concentrates in a suspended encapsulating state. It lasts for hours and breaks down leaving termicide residue on contact with wood surfaces and/or soil instead of running off unevenly as conventional sprays often do.

Fumigation is an all-encompassing treatment for drywood termites and the best way to ensure that all drywood termites are eliminated from your building. We complete all our fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride, known as Vikane. Vikane is a non-flammable, non-corrosive and does not cause undesirable odors. It quickly penetrates structural materials, is effective against a variety of structural pests, and dissipates rapidly during aeration.

Subterranean Termite Infestations are only eradicated by injecting chemical directly into the soil under or around your home. Sometimes this requires drilling holes thru the concrete foundation of your home. Then chemical is injected through the holes and into the soil below. The holes are sealed with a concrete patch. 

Subterranean Termites
Termite treatment and removal depends on the type of termites

Termidor is the #1 termite control product for many reasons. No other termite control system of any type has ever achieved such a high level of effectiveness.

Simply put: Termidor is the most effective and fasted at completely eliminating termite populations. So it’s not surprising that millions of homeowners like you have made Termidor- the #1 termite defense product in America. When it comes to termite protection for your home, demand the product that’s #1 in termite pest control. Demand Termidor Termite Defense.

Annual Control service is a valuable investment to protect you home or business. Our Annual Control Service allows you to extend the length of your guarantee for as long as you choose to continue the service. For a nominal yearly fee, you will receive annual inspections and treatment for drywood and subterranean termites. Also, if you see termites at any time during the year just call us and we will take care of them at no additional charge.

Pre-Treatments protect your home from unwanted invaders. Put a halt on termites with Bora-Care/ Timbor. Spraying your framing before you cover your walls will provide years of unseen protection against termites.

Termite Treatment-Orange County, California

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